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Smooth International Group Limited

Smooth motion solutions, specialized in stepper motor, linear stepper motor, can-stack linear actuator in a wide and huge range series products since 1994, highly recognized as the leading manufacturer of linear motion solution.
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Smooth Motors for Medical Devices


Smooth Group is recognized as a reliable supplier for medical motors, including linear stepper motor, PM(Permanent Magnet)

linear actuator, hybrid stepper motor with customized mechanical parts, etc. Our medical motors are widely used in urine

analyzer, blood Analyzer, medical pumps, ventilation equipment and several other medical devices. Complete customizable

assemblies can include encoders, gearheads, intricate shafts to reduce assembly costs while providing a precise, high-powered component.

Any questions about the design and development, pls not hesitate to contact us, the best customized motion

solutions will be supplied to you.

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