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Smooth Planetary Gear Reducer Stepper Motor



Planetary gear reducer stepper motor is widely used in equipments required low speed and high torque. With a gearbox in the shaft, it can reduce the speed by different number of teethes clenched. This design keep stepper motor running properly in resonance frequency, providing higher torque at the same time.


1. Light weight

2. Small volume

3. Large transmission rate

4. Higher transition efficient(about 95%)

5. Lower noise

6. Backlash

Numbering System

Geared stepper motor selection

1. Confirm Reduction Ration

Resonance frequency of stepper motor is inherent, for 1.8°stepper motor, resonance range is during 150-300pps, and max speed is within 500/min(1666pps), when working under rated current and full step. Confirming the ratio between the speed from the right frequency and designed speed, then we can get the reduction ratio of geared stepper motor.

2. Confirm Holding torque

After confirming the load and reduction ratio, we need to know the holding torque, the formaula is M=Mj x N x Ƞa ; Mj is output torque of stpper motor. N is reduction ratio; Ƞ is transmission efficiency, cylindric series is 90%, planetary is 95%; a is speed reduction rate. Besides, the load should be lower than output torque.

Confirm Type of geared stepper motor

Confirm the geared stepper motor according to precision level of the system, choose the dimension by flange mounted.

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