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Smooth motion solutions, specialized in stepper motor, linear stepper motor, can-stack linear actuator in a wide and huge range series products since 1994, highly recognized as the leading manufacturer of linear motion solution.
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Smooth Planetary Gear Stepper Motor

Smooth Planetary Gear Stepper Motor
Smooth Planetary Gear Stepper Motor
  • Smooth Planetary Gear Stepper Motor
  • Smooth Planetary Gear Stepper Motor
  • Step angle: 1.8°
  • Certificate: CE, ISO, ROHS
  • MOQ: 100pcs
  • Payment terms: T/T
  • Type: Planetary Gear Stepper Motor
  • Lead wires: 4 or 6
  • Suitable stepper motor: Nema 8, 11, 14, 16, 17, 23, 24, 34
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Product Information

Features Of Smooth "X" Series Planetary Geared Stepper Motor

1.Step angle 1.8°,Max Reduction Ratio is 1:100, the max.output torque is 12Nm.and the max.load force of the gear box is 25Nm.

2.Advantages of light weight and small volume,large transmission rate and lower noise,backlash (Under10 arc min).

3.Widely used in equipments which requires low speed and high torque.

4.Stablity and Flexibility,and High transition efficient,which is above 95%.

5.All stepper motor linear actuators can be customized as specific application.

Placing An Order

A. Tell us frame size, body length, current, holding torque and size of lead screw
B. Give us the datasheet
C. Send us the sample

* For more models please use our STANDARD SERVICE.

Shaft Options

Single Flat
Double Flat
Key Way
Hollow Shaft
Dowel Shaft
Round Shaft

* The above are standard options, customized design is available.

Lead Wire & Cables

For Nema 8HY and 11HY
AWG 28 UL 1569
For Nema 16HY AWG 26 UL 1569
For Nema 14HY, 17HD and 17HA
AWG 26 UL 1007
For Nema 23HD and 23HA
AWG 22 UL 1007
For Nema 24HC
AWG 22 UL 24HC
For Nema 24HD
AWG 22 UL 24HD

* Please contact us if you need customized service.


Constant-current supply driver

FH-202A Current 0-A
FH-2504 Current 1-4.2A
FH2H-504A Range0-5A


The Smooth Stepper Motor are ideal for applications requiring a combination of precise positioning, rapid motion and long life.

Stage Lighting
Medical Equipment
3D Printer
Packing Machine
Semicon Equipment
Sewing Machine
Engraving Machine

Mechanical Components

Anti-backlash nut
Gobo Wheel
Prism Plate

*SMOOTH provide the precise mechanical parts for different applications. All the mechanical parts
can be
customized, just send us the drawing or contact us directly.

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