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Smooth motion solutions, specialized in stepper motor, linear stepper motor, can-stack linear actuator in a wide and huge range series products since 1994, highly recognized as the leading manufacturer of linear motion solution.
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Brief Introduction of Stepper Motor



Hybrid Stepper Motors are highly precise, digitally controlled motors that are able to provide reliable operation without using
detectors to sense or indicate position. The operation of the motor is controlled through electrical pulses. The direction of
current flowing through the windings of the motor is switched with each pulse. The electrical pulse is fixed angle. Together
with the driver, it constitutes an open loop system. Which is cost effective and simple to construct.


1. The stepping motor is controlled by the pulse signal and pulse angle displacement and output operation strictly proportional
to output.
2. The accumulated error of step angle is zero after stepper motor tuned a circle.
3. Stepper motor have excellent speed-adjustability its speed and pulse frequency are synchronous. We can adjust its speed
by changing the frequency.
4. Good control performance, quick starts and stops and can be self-locking.
5. Step angle can vary within a certain range, it can run in whole or haft a step, step angle can also be broken down by the
drive circuit.

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