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Smooth International Group Limited

Smooth motion solutions, specialized in stepper motor, linear stepper motor, can-stack linear actuator in a wide and huge range series products since 1994, highly recognized as the leading manufacturer of linear motion solution.
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The imported module are adopted to be made, the bipolar constant current is constrolled by chopper. Smooth driver are popular for its strong anti-jamming, good high-frequency performance and low noise. For control signals and internal signals are insulated photoelectrically, that smooth Stepper Motor Drives are excellent with stability.
Smooth Stepper Motor Encoder are demanded in stepping motor and automated application. We have the most suitable encoder to match our smooth stepper motor for customers when customers require more high precision in their application. Smooth encoder are in characteristics of low cost, small size , high precision and easy mounting.
  • FH-2504


    Smooth Driver was made with the imported module, voltage of the power supply reach 24VDC-45VDC, Operating current is 0A-5A/phase,there are 22 kinds of subdivision number,the maximum is 40000pulse/rev

  • FH-202A


    Operating  current : 0A - 5A /phase;22  kinds of  subdivision  number,the maximum is  40000 pulse /rev.

  • FH2H-504A


    VDC,GNDVDC,GNDDC power ﹢24V-45VA﹢,A-The motor phase AB﹢,B-The motor phase BPUL﹢,PUL-The positive and negative ends of pulsesENA﹢,ENA-The positive and negative ends of enable signalsDIR﹢,DIR-The positive and negative ends of Dir control signalsSW6The funct

  • FE 30A

    FE 30A

    Electrical ParameterMin.Typ.Max.UnitsStorage Temperature -40 85℃Operating Temperature-40 85℃Supply Voltage4.555.5VSupply Current  1740mAOutput Voltage-0.5 7VOutput Current Per Channel-1 10mAHigh Level Output Voltage-0.04  VHigh Level Output Current   mALo

  • FE 30B

    FE 30B

    Electrical CharacteristicsParameterMin.Typ.Max.UnitsStorage Temperature -40 85℃Operating Temperature-40 85℃Supply Voltage4.555.5VSupply Current 301740mAOutput Voltage-0.5 VccVOutput Current Per Channel-1 10mAHigh Level Output Voltage2.4  VHigh Level Outpu

  • FE 28A

    FE 28A

    Electrical Supply Voltage4.5-5.5VSupply current (MAX)100mASignalA+,A-,B+,B-,Z+,Z-Rise/fall time (MAX)100nsFrequency300kHzOutout voltage“H”2.4V ,Min “L”0.4V,MaxMax .output current20mAMounting Considerations

  • FE 40A

    FE 40A

    Mechanical Spec.  Hollow Diameter  Φ5,6,6.35mmStarting Torque<0.8NcmShaft LoadingRadial:80NAxial:50NMax.R.P.M6000rpmNet Weight60g Environmental SepcificationsOperating Temp-20 ~ + 80 ℃Storage Temp-20 ~ + 85 ℃Operating HumidityRH 85\% maxNon-collectingShoc

  • FE 56A

    FE 56A

    Electrical CharacteriticsParameterMin.Typ.Max.UnitsStorage Temperature -40 85℃Operating Temperature-40 85℃Supply Voltage4.555.5VSupply Current 305780mAOutput Voltage-0.5 VccVOutput Current Per Channel-1 10mAHigh Level Output Voltage0.7  VHigh Level Output

  • FE 301

    FE 301

    Absolute Maximum RatingsOperating /Storage Temp.﹣40℃ ~ +85℃Supply Voltage4.5 ~ 5.5 VOutput VoltageVoH:Vcc-0.7v VoL:0.4vOutput Current per Channel5mAResponse Frequency20kHzMoungting Considerations

  • FE 302

    FE 302

    Absolute Maximum RatingsOperating /Storage Temp.﹣40℃ ~ +85℃Supply Voltage4.5 ~ 5.5 VOutput VoltageVoH:Vcc-0.7v VoL:0.4vOutput Current per Channel5mAResponse Frequency100kHzMounting Considerations

  • FE 302C

    FE 302C

    Absolute Maximum RatingsOperating /Storage Temp.﹣40℃ ~ +85℃Supply Voltage4.5 ~ 5.5 VOutput VoltageVoH:Vcc-0.7vVoL:0.4vOutput Current per Channel5mAResponse Frequency100kHzMounting Considerations

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