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Smooth motion solutions, specialized in stepper motor, linear stepper motor, can-stack linear actuator in a wide and huge range series products since 1994, highly recognized as the leading manufacturer of linear motion solution.

Nema 17 controlled stepper motor with drives

Nema 17 controlled stepper motor with drives
Nema 17 controlled stepper motor with drives
  • Nema 17 controlled stepper motor with drives
  • Nema 17 controlled stepper motor with drives
  • Payment terms: T/T
  • MOQ: 50pcs
  • Certificate: CE, Rohs
  • Control power: 12-40VDC
  • Encoder available: yes
  • Current: 1A 2A 4A 8A
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Product Information


Product Features

1. Active CAN2.0B, the whole network with only two wires

2. The highest 1Mbit/s far communication distance of 10km

3. High performance 64 bit precision hardware DSP

4. Support implementation of encoder, closed loop control

Features(Electric property/ambient temperature : 25)

1. Power Supply : 12V-40VDC(48VDC is available)

2. Output current:peak 2A/4A/8A per phase(Instruction adjustment)

3. Type of drive:controlled bu PWM constant current.

4. Type of excitation:full step,half step, subdivision times 4. subdivision times 16.

5. Insulation resistance: >100mΩ when it is in normal pressure and temperature.

6. Insulation strength: 0.5KW Per minute when it is in normal pressure and temperature.

Figure Dimension ( Unit : mm )

Communication Mode(ambient temperature 25℃)

1. Communication between driver: Active CAB2.0B

2. Physical connection:two - wire system CANH,CANL, twisted-pair

3.Communication ability: Max 1Mbps, Differential bus,short-circuited, HV and Over heat protection, Networking More than 100 closed - loops

Working environment 

1. Cooling - down method : cooling - down

2. Working place:avoid the dust, oil mist and etchant gas

3. Working temperature: -40-+85

4. Working Humidity: <80% RH,R.H and Frost free

5. Working Vibration: 3G Max.

Connection Diagram


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