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Smooth International Group Limited

Smooth motion solutions, specialized in stepper motor, linear stepper motor, can-stack linear actuator in a wide and huge range series products since 1994, highly recognized as the leading manufacturer of linear motion solution.
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Also as known rotary stepper motor, Smooth offers 2 phase, 3 phase and 5 phase stepper motor, which in a wide range of options on the end processing of the shaft, hollow shaft , single flat, double flat and double shaft ,etc. CE, ROHS and ISO are approved. It incorporates high performance and durable design. We provide a full range of motors, Nema 8/Frame Size 20mm, Nema 11/Frame Size 28mm, Nema 14/Frame Size 35mm, Nema 16/39mm, Nema 17/42mm, Nema 23/57mm, Nema 34/86mm and Nema 43/110mm. OEM is available, Smooth® Solutions can design the motors to meet your specific application requirements.
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