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Three common problems during the use of stepper motor


1. The vibration

When motor runs, it will make little vibration, especially in the resonant frequency, then even an out-of-step phenomenon.


A. Let the working point avoid working in the range of vibration.

B. Take subdivision drive, motor could complete the actions in several steps instead of one step to reduce the vibration.

2. Noise

It is not inescapable that electromagnetic acoustic is produced when motor runs, normally, the more current of the motor is, o it is on the contrary.

3. Surface temperature of the motor

It will cause the demagnetization of magnetic material if the temperature of stepper motor is too high, then lead to the decreasing of torque even out-of-step phenomenon. The surface temperature of the motor depends on demagnetization point of different motor magnetic material, otherwise, the point of the ferroboral magnetic material used in stepper motor is more than 130C, some can reach more than 200C. So it is totally normal if the surface temperature of stepper motor is about 100C, it does not influence its usage in this situation.


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