Hybrid Stepper Motors in Metrology and Measurement Devices


Hybrid Stepper Motors in Metrology and Measurement Devices


Stepper motors have long been a crucial component in various metrology and measurement devices. These devices require precise and accurate positioning, making stepper motors an ideal choice due to their ability to move in discrete steps. Among the different types of stepper motors available, hybrid stepper motors stand out as the preferred option for metrology and measurement applications. This article explores the significance and advantages of using hybrid stepper motors in such devices.

Advantages of Hybrid Stepper Motors

1. High Precision Movement

Metrology and measurement devices demand extremely precise movements for accurate readings. Hybrid stepper motors, with their ability to move in tiny increments, offer exceptional precision. The combination of permanent magnets and electromagnetic windings allows hybrid stepper motors to achieve high levels of accuracy in positioning, ensuring reliable performance in metrology equipment.

2. Improved Torque and Efficiency

Hybrid stepper motors provide significant advantages in terms of torque output. They offer higher torque compared to other types of stepper motors of similar size, making them a suitable choice for demanding measurement applications. Furthermore, their efficient design enables them to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy with minimal loss, resulting in improved overall system efficiency.

3. Closed-Loop Control Capability

In certain metrology and measurement applications, closed-loop control is crucial. Hybrid stepper motors can be equipped with encoders or sensors to provide feedback on the actual rotor position. This feedback allows for closed-loop control, where any deviations or errors can be quickly detected and corrected, ensuring accurate measurements. The closed-loop capability of hybrid stepper motors enhances the reliability and repeatability of metrology devices.

4. High Speed and Acceleration

While precision is of utmost importance in metrology and measurement devices, speed and acceleration are equally significant in certain applications. Hybrid stepper motors excel in this aspect as well. Their efficient design and ability to handle high current enables them to achieve rapid acceleration and high speeds when required. This capability is particularly useful in dynamic measurement devices such as coordinate measuring machines (CMM) or laser trackers.

5. Compact Size and Flexibility

In metrology and measurement devices, space is often limited, and compact designs are preferred. Hybrid stepper motors offer compactness without compromising on performance. Their relatively small size allows integration into devices where space constraints are a concern, enabling manufacturers to design smaller, more portable metrology instruments. Moreover, hybrid stepper motors can be customized to meet specific application requirements, offering flexibility to device manufacturers.

Applications of Hybrid Stepper Motors in Metrology and Measurement Devices

1. Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)

CMMs are widely used in quality control processes to measure the dimensions, geometrical properties, and surface characteristics of various objects. Hybrid stepper motors play a critical role in the precision movement of CMMs along different axes, ensuring accurate positioning and measurement. Their ability to achieve high speeds and accelerations aids in reducing measurement cycle times.

2. Laser Trackers

Laser trackers are commonly employed for high-precision measurements over large distances. They use laser beams and target reflectors to determine the exact position and dimensions of objects. Hybrid stepper motors, with their high torque and closed-loop control capability, provide the necessary accuracy and stability required for precise laser beam guidance and target tracking.

3. Thickness Gauges

In applications where measuring the thickness of materials is crucial, hybrid stepper motors are often used in thickness gauge devices. These motors facilitate the precise positioning of measurement probes, ensuring accurate readings of material thickness. The closed-loop control capability eliminates any errors caused by mechanical vibrations or deviations, leading to reliable thickness measurements.

4. Microscopes and Vision Systems

Hybrid stepper motors find applications in advanced microscopy and vision systems used in metrology. These motors enable precise movement of stages, focus control, and sample positioning in microscopes, aiding in capturing high-resolution images of objects for detailed metrological analysis. The high precision and compact size of hybrid stepper motors make them an ideal fit for microscopy applications.

5. Three-Dimensional (3D) Scanning Systems

3D scanning systems are extensively utilized in metrology for capturing the shape and dimensions of objects to create digital models. Hybrid stepper motors play a crucial role in moving the scanning heads or cameras in these systems, providing precise positioning required for accurate 3D reconstructions. The high torque, efficiency, and closed-loop control capability of hybrid stepper motors ensure reliable and repeatable 3D scanning results.


Hybrid stepper motors have become an integral part of metrology and measurement devices due to their outstanding precision, torque, efficiency, and flexibility. Their application in various devices such as coordinate measuring machines, laser trackers, thickness gauges, microscopes, and 3D scanning systems demonstrates their versatility across different metrology sectors. With continuous advancements in hybrid stepper motor technology, the accuracy and performance of metrology instruments are expected to further improve, allowing for even more precise measurements in the future.


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