Explanation On Matters Needing Attention In Selecting Stepper Motor Models

March 28, 2024

When selecting a stepper motor model, you can follow the steps below to avoid the trouble caused by improper selection. The details are as follows, for reference only. to


1. Selection of stepper motor torque

The holding torque of a stepper motor is similar to what is called the "power" of a traditional motor. Of course, there are essential differences. The physical structure of stepper motors is completely different from AC and DC motors, and the output power of the motor is variable. Which type of motor is usually selected based on the required torque (that is, the torque of the object to be driven). Generally speaking, if the torque is below 0.8N.m, choose 20, 28, 35, 39, 42 (motor body diameter or squareness, unit: mm); if the torque is around 1N.m, it is more appropriate to choose 57 motors. When the torque is several N.m or more, it is necessary to choose a stepper motor with specifications such as 86, 110, and 130.  


stepper motor

2. Step through motor speed selection

Special consideration must also be given to the speed of the motor. Because the output torque of the motor is inversely proportional to the speed. That is to say, the stepper motor's output torque is very small at low speed (a few hundred revolutions per minute or lower), but at high speed (1000 rpm-9000 rpm). Of course, some working conditions require high-speed motors, and it is necessary to measure the coil resistance, inductance and other indicators of the stepper motor. Choose a motor with a slightly smaller inductance. As a high-speed motor, you can obtain larger output torque. On the contrary, when low speed and high torque are required, it is better to choose an inductance of more than ten or tens of mH and a larger resistance.  


3. Selection of no-load starting frequency of stepper motor

The no-load starting frequency of the stepper motor is usually called the "no-load starting frequency". This is an important indicator when purchasing a motor. If frequent starts and stops are required in an instant, and the speed is around 1000 rpm (or higher), "accelerated start" is usually required. If you need to start directly to achieve high-speed operation, it is best to choose a reactive or permanent magnet motor. The "idling frequency" of these motors is relatively high.  


4. Selection of phase number of stepper motor

Many customers pay little attention to the phase number selection of stepper motors, and most of them buy them casually. Motors with different numbers of phases have different working effects. The more phases there are, the smaller the step angle can be, and the vibration during operation will be relatively smaller. In most cases, two-phase motors are more commonly used. In a working environment with high speed and high torque, it is more practical to choose a three-phase stepper motor.  


5. Choose according to the stepper motor usage environment

Special stepper motors are waterproof and oil-proof and are used on some special occasions. For example, underwater robots need water-discharging motors. For special-purpose motors, it is necessary to select them accordingly.


stepper motor

6. Whether special specifications are required based on your actual situation?

For stepper motors with special specifications, please communicate with us and we will process and place an order within the scope of technology. For example, the diameter, length, extension direction of the output shaft, etc.  


7. Communicate and confirm the model with the technical engineer

If necessary, it is best to further communicate with the manufacturer's technical engineers to confirm whether the stepper motor model you want to choose can meet all the indicators you require.


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