How To Reduce Noise Of Stepper Motors

Wondering how to reduce noise of stepper motors? Smooth Motors brought to you a guide to reducing the noise in your stepper motor without getting frustrated. Moreover, learn why you should buy your motors from us!

January 11, 2024

Due to its numerous benefits over both conventional DC motors and brushless DC (BLDC) motors, stepper motors are widely used in engineering. Without the need for external sensors or a control loop, bipolar stepper motors provide zero-speed torque and exact open-loop locations. 3D printers, textile production machinery, closed-circuit televisions (CCTV), pick-and-place machines, computer numerical control (CNC) systems, and many more motion control applications rely on stepper motors due to their excellent stepping control.


Stepper motors are used in many sectors, although they often have torque ripple and current distortion. Noise and vibration produced by stepper motors must be efficiently and effectively managed for the operation to succeed. The gimbal and image sensor may shift due to vibration from the camera's zooming and panning, which can lead to distorted pictures and subpar performance when these motors are used for CCTV. In the same way, printing "artifacts" like excess material on a 3D-printed item may be caused by things like high torque ripple or motor resonance. Because it makes the machine run quietly and produces higher-quality products, lowering the motor's vibration is a win-win for most uses.


So, how to reduce the noise of stepper motors? We will give you a run of top strategies to do that. Stay tuned!

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Strategies for Stepper Motor Noise and Vibration Reduction

Stepper motors may have their vibrations minimized in a variety of methods. The approaches may generally be categorized as either mechanical or electrical. The example above of reducing current ripple falls under the electrical category. The most common mechanical techniques for dampening vibration and noise will be covered first.

1. Place A Clean Damper

Placing a clean damper in a stepper motor is one easy approach to reduce vibration. The motor's rear shaft, composed of a plastic hermetically sealed container and an inertia body filled with silicon gel, is attached to this damper. The motor can dampen vibrations and keep it from spinning thanks to the added silicon gel and inertia.

2. A Stepper Motor With a High-resolution

An increased number of rotor teeth—say, 100 teeth rather than 50—is a hallmark of high-resolution stepper motors. Since the motor only travels a smaller distance with each step, vibration is reduced, and full-step resolution is enhanced with increased teeth. As we'll see later, microstepping and gearing are two ways these high-resolution motors may be fine-tuned for even greater precision.

3. Five-phase Stepper Motor

Five-phase stepper motors decrease vibration like high-resolution motors, achieving finer full-step resolution. A five-phase stepper motor differs from a two-phase motor in using ten stator poles instead of eight. The result is a rise from 200 to 500 steps per rotation. Compared to regular five-phase motors, high-resolution five-phase stepper motors provide even more precise control.

4. Stepper Motors with Gears

One uses a gearhead (not the car enthusiasts) to lower the engine speed and enhance torque. In stepper motors, the friction between the gears may make the motor run steadily and consistently, reducing undershooting and overshooting.

5. Make Sure the Motor is the Right Size

Discovering the "sweet spot" for motor functioning via trial and error may be advantageous. Expecting a motor to operate at full capacity is never a good idea. Just as increasing the torque too much causes vibration to worsen, oversizing the motor is bad for its functioning. Improving the motor's performance over time is possible with careful consideration of its needs and specifications.

6. Driver with Microstepping Capabilities

The best way to lessen the vibration in stepper motors is to use micro-stepping. In this case, drivers are used to phase-divide the current flowing into the motor. The driver may fine-tune the location and torque using this control, significantly reducing vibration, torque ripple, and noise.

7. Independently Addressing Vibrations

Because they address different kinds of vibration separately, some drivers can keep vibration to a minimum at all speeds. Achieving such a consistent waveform is made possible by the driver's precise control over the current via individual phase current detectors.

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