Hybrid Stepper Motor vs Stepper Motor

The automobile industry uses a lot of applications ranging from machines like stepper motors. Read on to learn about hybrid stepper motors vs stepper motors! 

November 16, 2023

Stepper motors come in various forms, including hollow shaft motors and in-phase versions. These motors are renowned for their superior acceleration characteristics, efficient, controllable motion, and consistent positioning. While the 5-phase motors generate even greater force and better operation, the 2-phase stepper motors and 3-phase stepper motors strike an equilibrium between affordability and performance. The hollow shaft stepper motors have an unusual design that makes it simple to integrate them with other parts or shafts, increasing their adaptability to a range of uses.


What is a Hybrid Stepper Motor?

Compared to normal stepper motors, hybrid stepper motors are considerably more intricate. Usually, they employ a powdered magnet instead of bonded magnets, which offer a higher flux of magnetism in normal motors. Additionally, they have laminated layers in the stator and rotor that have accurate tooth profiles, which might result in reduced step sizes. The rotor teeth move progressively in accordance with their natural step size when the electromagnetic coils are energized because they are magnetically drawn to the stator teeth. This enhances their capacity to offer more exact control over the motor's motion.

hybrid stepper motors

What is a Stepper Motor?

The most basic kind of motors are stepper motors. They comprise a stator with two coils and a rotating component with permanent magnets. One of the coils creates a magnetic field that draws the rotating permanent magnet rotor toward it when electricity is provided. Compared to hybrid stepper motors, these motors are usually less expensive and have a simpler construction.


stepper motors

Hybrid Stepper Motor vs Stepper Motor

Both hybrid stepper motors and stepper motors can move in increments. However, hybrid stepper motors have a better torque density and a smaller step size than stepper motors. There are a few things to think about while deciding between a stepper motor and a hybrid stepper motor. Let us look at the differences between the both.



CNC machines, Material handling systems, 3D printers, and industrial automation all frequently use hybrid stepper motors. They are also used in pick-and-place devices and robotics, which demand extreme accuracy and precision. These motors can also be employed in situations where a stepper motor's power or dependability are important considerations. Bearings made of stainless steel have minimal friction, even while spinning at high speeds.

Stepper motors are frequently found in toys, cameras, and tiny robotics applications with loud volumes. They are also utilized in automated pipetting systems, high-precision microscopes, and other scientific, medical, and laboratory automation devices that need fine control at low speeds. They can also be utilized in automobile applications, including throttle control, brake systems, and electric power steering systems.



Hybrid Stepper MotorsStepper Motors

● Accurate Positioning: Hybrid steppers are excellent for accurate positioning because they can have an average step size of 0.45°.


● High Torque: Due to their high torque output, hybrid stepper motors are perfect for heavy lifting applications.


● Repetitive Movement: Hybrid steppers are ideal for applications requiring repetitive motions because of their highly repeatable movement.

● Simpler Design: Compared to hybrid stepper motors, stepper motors are easier to build and maintain due to their simpler design.


● Reduced Cost: Stepper motors are a solid option for cases where cost is a key factor because they are more affordable than hybrid stepper motors.


● Excellent Low-Speed Performance: Stepper motors are perfect for applications that need controlling positions at low speeds because of their excellent low-speed performance.

Other Factors

Even though there are fewer differences between a normal stepper motor and a hybrid stepper motor, there are other factors to look at when choosing the motor.

● Maintenance: The lifespan of hybrid stepper motors is often greater than that of a normal stepper motor as it is equipped with the potential of two motors.

● Cost: In general, hybrid stepper motors are more expensive than stepper motors.

● Load: Because hybrid stepper motors are built with steel ball bearings, they usually possess a higher load rating than a normal motor.

● Resolution: The step sizes of hybrid stepper motors are lower compared to stepper as they come with low resolution.

● Control: It's important to take into account the kind of control system that runs the motor.

● Torque: Compared to stepper motors, hybrid stepper motors have a larger torque output.


In Conclusion

The two primary types of stepper motors utilized in various applications requiring precise motion control are hybrid stepper motors and stepper motors. Hybrid stepper motors may run faster and produce more torque than normal stepper motors despite the latter being less complex and costly.

It is important to consider the application's requirements when selecting a stepper motor. It is important to consider several factors, including cost, torque, speed, accuracy, load, and control, when choosing the appropriate stepper motor type for a certain application.

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