Three Common Faults Of Stepper Motor In Work

Stepper motor is a precision device with high machining accuracy.

March 16, 2023

Stepper motor is a precision device with high machining accuracy. For example, the unilateral air gap of the reluctance stepper motor is only 0.03 ~ O 08mm, and the magnetic steel performance of the permanent magnet stepper motor is also required to be very high. Once demagnetization is achieved, it must be re-magnetized. There are three common faults of stepper motors:

1. Stepper motor temperature rise is too high

The following conditions will make the stepper motor temperature rise too high:

(1) The ambient temperature is too high, the heat dissipation condition is poor, and the installation contact area does not meet the standard;

(2) The working mode does not meet the technical requirements, such as three-phase six-beat motor to double three-beat work, temperature rise to become higher;

(3) When the drive circuit fails, the motor works in a single high voltage or in a high frequency state for a long time, and the temperature rise of the motor also becomes higher.

(4) When the driving circuit of high and low voltage power supply works at high frequency, the high voltage pulse width should not be too wide, and should be adjusted according to the technical standard, otherwise the temperature rise will be high;

2. Stepping motor motor operation is not normal

Abnormal operation means that the motor cannot start, lose step, super step or even stop and other faults. The reasons for this are:

(1) Too much environmental dust is sucked by the motor to make it stuck;

(2) the gap of the transmission gear is too large, and the keyway is loose, resulting in the loss of step;

(3) The voltage of the driving circuit is low;

(4) The working mode is not in accordance with the prescribed standards. For example: four phase eight beat motor to four phase four beat operation, oscillation or out of step;

(5) Poor storage, the surface of the stator and rotor rusted and stuck;

(6) The motor bundle is assembled, and the stator and rotor are scratched and swept;

(7) Excessive load or load moment of inertia is too large;

(8) Incorrect wiring;

(9) Drive circuit parameters and motor do not match, can not meet the rating requirements;

(10) The rotor core and motor shaft with too loose, under heavy load, the core dislocation caused by stop;

(11) Without zero reset, the ring distributor enters an infinite cycle;

(12) Operate in the range of motor oscillation zone.

3. Excessive noise and vibration of stepping motor

The main reasons are as follows:

(1) Excessive clearance of transmission gear;

(2) pure inertial load, positive and reverse frequent;

(3) Excessive axial clearance.

(4) Work in the resonant frequency range;

(5) The damper is not properly adjusted or fails.

Permanent magnet or inductor stepper motor due to magnetic steel demagnetization, will also appear all kinds of faults. When the motor fails, it can contact the manufacturer first to replace the motor or the main parts and components, rather than disassemble them easily. Motor manufacturers in accordance with strict technical specifications for production, to ensure that the stator and rotor have a high degree of concentricity and small stator rotor air gap. Some motors are infused with epoxy resin, which is not suitable for disassembly after assembly and difficult to repair. Sometimes the rotor is rusty, the shaft is worn or broken, and only the rotor needs to be replaced. If the damper is not adjusted properly, the user can deal with it by himself and readjust the damper.

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