Stage Lighting

Unleash the Power of Smooth Motors and Innovative Components for Stage Lighting Manufacturing;
Are you a stage lighting manufacturer seeking to revolutionize your products with cutting-edge technology? Look no further than Smooth Motors and our range of innovative components. Together, they form the perfect synergy for creating extraordinary lighting fixtures that captivate audiences worldwide.

Stage Lighting
Gobo Wheel
The Smooth gobo wheel is designed for stability......
Our Iris component features high temperature......
Our adjustable poles enable you to achieve various......
Prism Plate
The Prism Plate component offers seamless......

Smooth Motors: Unmatched Precision and Performance

At the heart of every exceptional stage lighting fixture lies a Smooth Motor. Our advanced stepper motor technology redefines precision, providing unrivaled accuracy in positioning and seamless motion control. With Smooth Motors, bid farewell to imprecise movements and embrace flawlessly synchronized lighting effects that elevate performances to new heights.

Innovative Components: Elevating Stage Lighting to New Heights

Our collection of innovative components complements Smooth Motors, ensuring exceptional performance and enhancing the overall stage lighting experience:

  • Gobo Wheel: The Smooth gobo wheel is designed for stability without shakes, ensuring smooth rotation and precise projection of patterns and images.

  • Iris: Our Iris component features high temperature resistance, enabling it to withstand the rigors of intense stage lighting. With its exceptional durability, the Iris smoothly opens and closes, providing precise control over beam size without compromising the performance.

  • Pole: Our adjustable poles enable you to achieve various lighting angles and heights, allowing for dynamic lighting setups that perfectly complement any performance.

  • Pulley System: With our smooth and reliable Pulley System, easily incorporate dynamic movement and automation into your lighting fixtures.

  • Prism Plate: The Prism Plate component offers seamless rotation and reflection of light beams, creating mesmerizing multi-dimensional visual displays. Smooth and quiet operation ensures that the audience remains captivated by the stunning colors and patterns, without any distracting noise.

Effortless Integration and Reliability

Seamlessly integrate Smooth Motors and our innovative components into your lighting fixtures. With user-friendly interfaces and streamlined design, combining these components is a breeze. Our products boast a compact size and lightweight build, ensuring effortless scalability to adapt to various fixture types and configurations without compromising on performance.

Energy Efficiency for Sustainable Solutions

At Smooth, we understand the importance of energy efficiency and sustainability. Our motors and components are engineered to optimize power consumption, ensuring your lighting fixtures operate efficiently even during extended performances. With high-quality materials and rigorous testing, Smooth Motors and components offer industry-leading durability, minimizing maintenance requirements and ensuring uninterrupted performances night after night.

Stay Ahead with Smooth Motors and Innovative Components

Choosing Smooth Motors and our range of innovative components for your stage lighting manufacturing needs empowers you with a competitive edge. Unleash new possibilities, inspire creativity, and deliver exceptional lighting fixtures that set the stage ablaze with brilliance. Join us in illuminating the world's stages with remarkable lighting solutions powered by Smooth Motors and innovative components.

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