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SMOOTH is a key enterprise that can provide customers with high-quality products including our newest product guide rail manufacturers and comprehensive services. Our service team works online so as to provide customers from different countries and regions with prompt services. Upholding the tenet of customer first, we provide prompt delivery service once we finish the production and QC process. We'd love to solve problems and answer all questions for customers. Just contact us immediately.
With complete guide rail manufacturers production lines and experienced employees, can independently design, develop, manufacture, and test all products in an efficient manner. Throughout the whole process, our QC professionals will supervise each process to ensure product quality. Moreover, our delivery is timely and can meet the needs of every customer. We promise that the products are sent to customers safe and sound. If you have any questions or want to know more about our guide rail manufacturers, call us directly.
SMOOTH has been focusing on developing products regularly, of which guide rail manufacturers is the newest. It is the newest series of our company and is expected to surprise you.
  • 23HA 57mm 0.9° 2 Phase Stepper Motors
    23HA 57mm 0.9° 2 Phase Stepper Motors
    1, high resolution (generally more step Angle 1.8°) and is widely used.2. Turn huge.3. Comparison with multi-phase hybrid stepper motor. Driving power tube quantity is large, but the price is cheap.
  • Smooth Motor MZ40VC-A001 Series: High-Precision Motion for Demanding Applications
    Smooth Motor MZ40VC-A001 Series: High-Precision Motion for Demanding Applications
    The MZ40VC series from Smooth Motor sets the standard for high-precision voice coil stages catering to the most demanding applications. These stages excel in tasks requiring ultra-precise positioning, such as microscopy, semiconductor inspection, and nanotechnology. With exceptional resolution and low hysteresis, the MZ40VC series ensures accurate and reliable linear motion in challenging environments.
  • 16HY 39mm 2 Phase Stepper Motors
    16HY 39mm 2 Phase Stepper Motors
    The NEMA 16 stepper motor stands out for its robust performance and reliability, making it perfect for mid-sized applications such as 3D printing and surveillance systems. This motor's increased torque capabilities enable smoother and more precise motion control, ensuring consistent and predictable results for demanding tasks. Its optimized inductance reduces heating during extended operation, ensuring enhanced system stability. With a frame size of 39mm, the NEMA 16 motor is ideal for applications requiring higher torque and performance, including robotics, automation, and advanced motion control systems. Moreover, its improved torque and inductance characteristics make it capable of handling varying voltage and current levels efficiently, providing a stable and accurate motion control solution even under challenging conditions.
  • 17HD 42mm 1.8° Smooth Hybrid Stepper Motors
    17HD 42mm 1.8° Smooth Hybrid Stepper Motors
    Smooth two-phase 17HD nema hybrid stepper motors is an open-loop control motor that converts electrical pulse signal into angular displacement or linear displacement. It is the main executive element in modern digital program control systems and is widely used.1, high resolution (generally more step Angle 1.8°) and is widely used.2. Turn huge.3. Comparison with a multi-phase hybrid stepper motor. The driving power tube quantity is large, but the price is cheap.
  • 42PM Linear Actuator Stepper Motor
    42PM Linear Actuator Stepper Motor
    The 42mm permanent magnet linear stepper motors are employed in diverse industries, providing reliable and precise linear motion. They are particularly sought after for medical devices, miniature pumps, and other applications requiring accurate fluid handling and motion control. The 42mm stepper linear actuators are known for their versatility and efficiency, making them a preferred choice for a wide range of precision-driven applications.
  • 28PT-120A Slide Guide Rails
    28PT-120A Slide Guide Rails
    1. High positioning accuracy;2. Less wear can maintain accuracy for a long time;3. Suitable for high-speed movement and greatly reduces the drive horsepower required by the machine;4. It can bear the load in the left and right directions at the same time;5. Easy to assemble and interchangeable;High quality linear slides and guides supplier in China, Smooth focuses on linear guide wholesale with more than 10 years of experience.
  • 60VC003 Voice Coil Motor
    60VC003 Voice Coil Motor
    Smooth Motor's 60VC Voice Coil Motors are designed for heavy-duty applications, offering high force output and precision. These motors excel in tasks that demand substantial power and precise linear motion control. Customers value their reliability and optimized parameters, making them an excellent choice for demanding industrial processes.
  • 26VC002 Voice Coil Motor
    26VC002 Voice Coil Motor
    Smooth Motor's 26VC Voice Coil Motors are designed to provide efficient and reliable linear motion with precise control. With a balance between size and force output, these motors cater to applications requiring a versatile solution that offers a good combination of power and responsiveness.
  • 28VC001 Voice Coil Motor
    28VC001 Voice Coil Motor
    Smooth Motor's 28VC Voice Coil Motors offer a high force-to-size ratio, making them ideal for applications that demand both power and compactness. These motors deliver efficient and precise motion control, ensuring reliable performance in various industrial settings.
  • 20VC002(3.0V) Voice Coil Motor
    20VC002(3.0V) Voice Coil Motor
    The 20VC Voice Coil Motors are characterized by their compact size and precise motion control. These motors are ideal for applications where space is limited, delivering reliable and efficient linear movement. Customers appreciate their optimized moving stroke, inductance, and force output, making them suitable for applications requiring small but powerful linear motion.
  • Smooth Motor MZ30VC Series: Versatility and Reliability in Linear Motion
    Smooth Motor MZ30VC Series: Versatility and Reliability in Linear Motion
    Smooth Motor's MZ30VC series features versatile voice coil stages renowned for their reliability in diverse linear motion applications. With the integration of linear bearings or other guidance systems, these stages deliver precise and repeatable motion control. The MZ30VC series is a popular choice in automation, metrology, and laser processing, where performance, versatility, and cost-effectiveness are crucial.
  • FHDCT001 Voice Coil Motor
    FHDCT001 Voice Coil Motor
    1、Moving load: The moving coil achieves low mass and high acceleration, due to the use of direct drive, setting time is very short;2、Low inductance: The inductance of the voice coil motor is usually very low, because the electrical time is very low, so the response speed of the voice coil motor is very fast;3、Smooth motion: The voice coil motor has no positioning force, therefore, there is no toothed groove effect in most brushless motors, so smooth motion can be achieved at low speed;4、Reliability: Because the coil and stator parts of the voice coil motor are not in contact, there is no wear, which improves the reliability of the voice coil motor;5、Force control: The force generated by the voice coil motor is in a positive relationship with the current, which makes the voice coil motor can be used for force control;
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