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Today is a great day that Smooth Motor plans to introduce our newest product to the public. It has an official name called guide rail systems and is supplied at a competitive price.
  • Smooth Motor | Top linear guide rail systems wholesale
    Smooth Motor | Top linear guide rail systems wholesale
    Its quality inspection standards highly meets the international indicators.
  • 17HD 42mm 1.8° Smooth Stepper Motors
    17HD 42mm 1.8° Smooth Stepper Motors
    The NEMA 17 stepper motor stands as a workhorse in the realm of automation, offering an impeccable combination of size, torque, and precision. Widely employed in consumer electronics, robotics, and automation equipment, this motor effortlessly handles moderate to heavy loads, making it perfect for diverse motion control tasks. With its 42mm frame size, it strikes a fine balance between compactness and power, finding suitability in applications like 3D printers, CNC machines, and automated equipment.The NEMA 17 motor's balanced inductance ensures smoother motion and reduced vibrations, resulting in quieter operation during use. Its versatility shines through with a broad torque range and various winding configurations, making it adaptable to different voltage and current requirements. By maintaining an optimal current and voltage range, NEMA 17 motors provide efficient performance for extended periods, earning them the status of a preferred choice for both hobbyists and industrial projects alike. Their reputation for efficiency, precision, and reliability cements their position as a dependable solution in various fields.
  • 17HC 42mm 1.2° Nema Stepper Motors
    17HC 42mm 1.2° Nema Stepper Motors
    17HC Series: Smooth Motor's 17HC series features 3-phase stepper motors designed to excel in precision and agility. These motors boast a low inductance design, enabling rapid current changes and ensuring highly responsive motion control. The 17HC series is an ideal choice for applications demanding accurate positioning, such as small-scale robotics, camera gimbals, and laboratory automation. With energy-efficient operation and high-speed capabilities, these motors provide reliable performance for industries that require smooth and precise movements. The 17HC series guarantees stable operation, reduced power dissipation, and superior reliability and efficiency, making it an excellent fit for various automated systems.
  • Custom 5 phase stepper motor driver cost Manufacturer | Smooth Motor
    Custom 5 phase stepper motor driver cost Manufacturer | Smooth Motor
    Large factory and enough well-trained workers can add up to completely guarantee on-time delivery for 5 phase stepper motor driver.
  • 3.5mm-5.56mm  lead screw(Inch)
    3.5mm-5.56mm lead screw(Inch)
    1、The lead accuracy of many sliding screws has reached the quality of grinding screws, and with the right nut, it has greatly exceeded the service life of ball screws.2、From the automotive industry, medical industry, aerospace industry and solar power devices, these cutting-edge technologies, it is easy to see the sliding screw and its matchingUse of engineering plastic nuts. More examples show that the sliding screw is more suitable than the ball screw in many applications.3、Although the ball screw has high transmission efficiency, that is, higher load capacity, but in some transmission power transmission capacity is greater than the load, repeatPositioning and reliability are more critical, and sliding screw can be a good alternative while reducing costs. In many cases, higher transmission efficiency is not applicable,
  • 5mm-10mm lead screw(Metric)
    5mm-10mm lead screw(Metric)
    This group includes metric lead screws with an outer diameter ranging from 5mm to 10mm.Stainless Steel Lead Screw: The lead screws in this range are made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance.End Machining: Smooth Motor offers precise end machining on these lead screws, providing a perfect fit for various applications.Surface Coating: To enhance performance and longevity, the lead screws may be coated with a specialized surface treatment.Material Options: The lead screws can be matched with different materials such as POM (Polyoxymethylene), Metal, and Engineering Plastics, based on the specific requirements of the application.Nut Options: Customers can choose from a range of nuts, including Standard Nut, Anti-backlash Nuts, and Customized Nuts, to suit their application needs.
  • 28VC001 Voice Coil Motor
    28VC001 Voice Coil Motor
    Smooth Motor's 28VC Voice Coil Motors offer a high force-to-size ratio, making them ideal for applications that demand both power and compactness. These motors deliver efficient and precise motion control, ensuring reliable performance in various industrial settings.
  • Custom small hollow shaft motor supply Manufacturer | Smooth Motor
    Custom small hollow shaft motor supply Manufacturer | Smooth Motor
    Smooth Motor follows the normative production conditions.
  • Smooth Motor | Customized voice coil linear stage wholesale
    Smooth Motor | Customized voice coil linear stage wholesale
    Ningbo Smooth Electric Manufacture Co., Ltd.'s voice coil linear stage have strong competitive advantages in terms of technology and quality.
  • Customized linear slide systems wholesale | Smooth Motor
    Customized linear slide systems wholesale | Smooth Motor
    The functional defects of this product have been overcome by the professional team.
  • Smooth Motor | Best voice coil stage for sale
    Smooth Motor | Best voice coil stage for sale
    voice coil stage is rendered as the most promising with its properties.
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