What Are The Main Advantages Of Hybrid Stepper Motors?

April 25, 2024

Hybrid stepper motor, also known as the hybrid magnetic circuit stepper motor, combines the advantages of a permanent magnet stepper motor and a zoom inductive stepper motor. The structure uses a magnetic center and magnets around it and utilizes magnetic resistance. and changes in inductance to achieve step control. Hybrid stepper motors are widely used in various situations that require precise control and positioning, such as robot control, medical equipment, automatic control systems, computer peripherals, printing machinery, etc., and due to their excellent performance, hybrid stepper motors Motors have experienced rapid development and wide application in recent years.


The main advantages of hybrid stepper motors include, but are not limited to, the following aspects:

1. Higher accuracy

The hybrid stepper motor has high accuracy. The main reason is that due to the excellence of the structural design and the blessing of the closed-loop control system, the position control error of the stepper motor becomes smaller and the position control can be accurately achieved.


2. Lower vibration and noise

Since the hybrid stepper motor adopts a special structural design, it reduces the generation of mechanical vibration and sound during its operation. Therefore, the motor operates with little noise and vibration and is suitable for applications that require a quiet environment and low-noise systems occasion.


3. Higher torque density and high-speed performance

Hybrid stepper motors have high torque density, which can achieve higher speeds and higher power, and maintain high accuracy and stability even at high speeds. It also has better dynamic performance and static performance.


4. High resolution

Due to the use of subdivision drive technology, hybrid stepper motors can achieve high-precision positioning and control. Usually, the step angle can reach 1.8 degrees/step or less.


5. High torque

The rotor of the hybrid stepper motor is composed of an iron core and a permanent magnet. The iron core has high magnetic permeability and low reluctance. The permanent magnet has a high magnetic energy product and low hysteresis. Therefore, the torque of this motor is higher than that of the VR type of the same size. Stepper motors are high.


6. Low noise

The permanent magnet of the hybrid stepper motor can reduce electromagnetic noise, and it also adopts closed-loop control technology, which can make the movement of the motor more stable and reduce noise and vibration.


7. Low power consumption

Hybrid stepper motors do not require energy input during positioning and static holding, so their power consumption is relatively low.


8. Fast response speed

Hybrid stepper motors have fast response speed and are suitable for applications requiring fast response and precise control.


9. Simple structure

The structure of hybrid stepper motors is simpler than other types of stepper motors and is easy to manufacture and maintain.


Hybrid Linear Stepper Motor

Hybrid stepper motors are a common motor type that offers precise position control and good torque characteristics. There are some things to note when using hybrid stepper motors:

Current settings: Make sure the drive current does not exceed the rated current range of the stepper motor to avoid overheating and damage.


Step Angle: Understand the step angle of a stepper motor and select the appropriate driver and controller as needed to achieve the required accuracy and speed.


Ambient temperature: Try to avoid using it in humid or high-temperature environments to avoid affecting the performance and life of the motor.


Installation position: When installing the stepper motor, ensure that its axis is aligned with the axis of the load to avoid unnecessary load and friction.


Controller selection: Select the appropriate controller according to specific application needs to ensure that it can meet precise control and motion requirements.


Insulation protection: Add appropriate insulation protection to motor power lines and control lines to prevent electrical faults and accidental electric shocks.

Hybrid Linear Stepper Motor

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